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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 3, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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construction. >> i cannot see them because of the blinding pink, today. lou wonderful but i'm like it is bright. >> yes. >> so, justin what are we dealing with this morning. >> weather is awesome. construction workers are loving it. humidity low. good day to be outside. the city in problems this morning as far as visibility in, rain or fog to deal with. we are looking good and feeling good, 67 degrees, at airport. northeast wind is huge and our forecast coming up after the atlantic ocean and keeping temperatures down a bit and from getting too hot. we are not dealing with any 90's next couple days. sixty-four in the lehigh valley. sixty-six in wilmington delaware. near 07 in dover delaware. mount pocono checking in at 6o quakertown still at 59, this hour, so really good if you stepping outside for morning run. bike rider or walking the dog.
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dew point drop, 7 degrees, cooler, so that indicates a more dryer air mass continuing to build in, left over showers central virginia, they will stay there today. clear skies right now, we will see fair weather cloud that build up today but we will call skies mostly sunny, comfortable humidity levels, temperatures low mid 80's at best, so high of 84 degrees, below average for philadelphia. hit the cher if you can, nice breeze off water. seventy's in the poconos. we have 190-degree day when we will talk about that when it arrives in a few minutes, meisha. >> we can take more 90's but today, it felt awesome. it really did after all this humidity. ben franklin bridge looking good, nice and quiet, just as it should as we are just cracking in the the 5:00 o'clock hour. right new let's just enjoy the beautiful view while we have it, and we will look at construction and septa. septa for those taking the airport line, 401 we are delayed about 25.
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make note for those who have a flight to catch this morning. we have some construction. pennsylvania turnpike eastbound between downingtown and yellow stone road that left lane still block but construction is now clearing, pennsylvania turnpike eastbound between virginia drive and been sale them has been since cleared. this construction is now just starting to clear. delaware memorial bridge southbound that left lane block until about 2:00 p.m. on friday. we will have more in 12 minutes, jim, over to you. a big victory for advocates against the death penalty this morning. >> the state's highest court decided delaware's law is unconstitutional. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live in wilmington with more on what this means, good morning, jan. >> reporter: first and foremost this is not a done deal, and it was opponent of the death penalty are celebrating this decision this morning. and in a 148 page opinion the
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delaware, supreme court was rule the state's death penalty law unconstitutional saying law was flawed in two ways. first it a loud a judge independent of the jury to sentence death, defendants to the death penalty. delaware was just one of the three states to allow that. delaware's law didn't require juries to be unanimous which recommending the death penalty. supreme court ruled they violate a person's sixth amendment rights, public offenders, successfully argued this case, lets take a listen. >> the court agreed with my position and that sentencing should be the ultimate determination of whether death is a suitable penalty should be this is hand of the jury rather than the judge. >> now the court also said that delaware's death penalty law isn't sal agable, they would have to pass an entirely new law for death penalty to
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be an option in the future. thirteen men are on delaware's death row, it is unclear what this ruling means for them whether it can ab applied retroactively. as for defendants in which prosecutors are seeking the death penalty, they will have to be recharged. reporting live from wilmington, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jim and brooke back inside to you. philadelphia police officer is a hero this morning for pulling a driver out of the car just before it burst into flames, in logan. the car crashed just after midnight at broad and wyoming. an officer from the 39th district noticed driver was slumped over the wheel of the car. as soon as the officer pulled the officer out of the car it caught fire. the driver is in stable condition. philadelphia police say a card game may have led to the shooting in cobbs creek overnight. >> around 11:00 o'clock police got a call of multiple gunshots at 100 block of north 54th street, investigators found blood and several shell
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casings on the street. around the same time police received a report that 24 year-old man was dropped off at mercy hospital with gunshot wound to the face, arm and the leg. police believed that there may be more than one shooter because the shell casings were of two separate calibers. >> we're getting information from the officers to that often, individuals are out here gambling and playing cards. so the motive for this shooting, may be related to a dice game or a card game. >> victim was transported to penn presbyterian medical center and is in stable condition. police don't have a description of the suspects just yet. a pit bullies dead after police shot the it while it was attacking people in the point breeze neighborhood. this happened around 8:00 near 16th and dickinson. officers were responding to calls of the dog attacking a woman. investigators say when they arrived the same dog was attacking a man and his dog. one officer tried to get the dog off the man and could not
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so shot and killed the pit bull month. man was treated a the hospital for by the on the hand and man treated at the scene. there are reports of the unrest among donald trump staffers. g.o.p. source tells cnn that people within trump's campaign are frustrated with him that allegedly includes campaign manager paul manafort, some staffers feel like they are wasting their time even quote, the frustration stem from a feeling that the g.o.p. presidential nominee has gone too far off message recently. also in campaign 2016 and fresh off his feud with the parents of the muslim american soldiers, donald trump is reopening old wound within the old party. >> hena daniels shows thus time trump is refusing to endorse two powerful g.o.p. leaders facing reelect. >> reporter: latest dust up after donald trump gave an interview to the washington post withholding endorsement for house speaker paul ryan and arizona senator john
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mccain, referring to speaker ryan the republican presidential nominee told the post, we need very strong leadership and i'm just not quite there yet. a peering on "fox news" trump expressed similar reservations about senator mccain. >> i have never been a big fan of john mccain and i just hate the way our veterans have been treated by john and other people. i hate it. >> reporter: speaking at the white house yesterday president obama challenge republican leaders to take a stand. >> if you are repeatly having to say in very strong terms that what he has said is unacceptable, why are you still endorsing him? >> reporter: in a snub to trump meg whitman and new york congressman richard henna added their names to the growing list of republicans now intend to go vote for hillary clinton. campaigning in florida clinton's running mate tim kaine stuck to the message.
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>> hillary clinton will be your hired president. >> reporter: democratic party still faces its own internal struggles three more top officials at democratic national committee resign tuesday in the wake of the committee's e hail hack. hena daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now that the dnc is over "eyewitness news" got a exclusion live at the break down process. on the final night of the convention workers stood by ready to take the equipment apart. some of the work was already complete by start of the next day. >> when gavel went down we had teams of people already placed, to start pulling things down inside, the production team was ready to go and by i'd say even midnight that night 10 percent of the work was probably done at that point in time. >> workers have until august 19th to finish cleaning up. next scheduled event at wells fargo center is jim donovan's dream a barbara streisand concert august 20th. >> babs. >> um-hmm. >> happening today
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vice-president joe biden will be recognized for his effort to coordinate research for a cure for cancer. vice-president will get the prestigious at last award from the world affairs council at philadelphia at hyatt at the bellevue. he hosted several is he called cancer moon shot summits to call for sharing of the research details among held medical institutions. search continues for a group of men who robbed jewelry store in the montgomery mall. surveillance camera inside the store captured the entire robbery. you can see three men entering the store dressed in black they smashed the glass cases and snatched jewelry inside. police say they got the away with $10,000 worth of items, if you know anything about this robbery and what happens you are asked to call police. in other "news 3" people will go to trial in connection with the discovery of 12 girls in the feasterville home. daniel and savilla stoltzfus are accused of gifting their daughter to lee kaplan in exchange for financial help. authorities say kaplan began having sex with the girl when she was 14 and that he
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fathered two children with her. girl is now 18, report of the child abuse led police to kaplan's home in june and two dozen members of the amish community turnout for yesterday's preliminary hearing. now for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> on the cover of the delaware county daily times latest economic recovery plan for chester city calls for reduction in police and fire staff, closing one of the chester's two fire stations, raising earned income tax toes residents and initiating an amusement tax in the philadelphia union tickets. the the changes are among those suggested by a state appointed firm in order to avoid a crippling financial crisis. >> the mercury, jury convicted a pottstown man on charges he had indecent contact with the female patient at a drug rehab facility where he once work. forty-seven year-old raymond golightly is free, on bail and faces 14 years in prison. in the burlington county times, officialness palmyra
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are talking trash, boro wants to get word out that televisions, computers and other electronic will not be collect. state prohibited them from being dispose of in landfills since 2008. >> that is some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. well, coming up, still ahead forget balls and strikes, an umpire in last night's phillies game is making decisions about the fans. >> we will show what you happened. cdc is battling spread of the zika virus hear from them about what is proving to be an unexpectedly difficult part of the price. a monsoon in air zone, see more of the dramatic rescue as drivers get trapped in rising flood waters. well, it isn't heartless maybe justin considerate, kanye west has failed twice in a popular tv host we will tell
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police commissioner ross, posed for pictures at roosevelt park in philadelphia where the 15th police district had their event. mayor jim kenney was there too. the community party featured games and a parade. annual event lets police and resident get to know each other in a safe environment. well in, other news a monsoon storms drench phoenix causing flash flooding and water rescues. elderly woman was pulled after being trapped in the middle of the flooded highway with you she's okay. another driver misjudged rising water a and got stuck, with no place to go. justin, always tells us even if it is small amount of rain don't drive-in puddles of water because we don't know what will happen. >> you never know not only is is it dangerous but you never know how deep it is, when it is dark, rain affecting vision, you never know. >> and you don't walk through it, 6 inches can knock over a human being. it can actually moving a car. not worth it. turn around. we are not dealing with any
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rain here across the delaware valley. if you have outdoor plans we have a good day inn store. getting ready for a nice sunrise. we are looking at spring garden camera seeing color this morning off to the east with the clear sky and we will get clouds in here this afternoon but overall it is going to be a nice day. speaking of daylight we are losing it as we head toward fall season, little depress if you go you ask me sunrise now coming in at 6:02. we are losing two minutes of daylight each day and sunset at the 8:12 tonight as we approach the fall season. all right. storm scan three looks good, new england, mid atlantic. we have left over showers, they stay to the south. not much happening across eastern half of the united states, that is good news, trip planned over next few taste traveling looks great. 67 degrees in philadelphia. sixty in mount pocono. these are nice numbers compared to the past several days, very nice for early august. we have our fifth named tropical system of the year that formed yesterday, tropical storm earl in the
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caribbean when that 65 miles an hour. moving west at 14. if you have a trip planned to belize you can see yucatan peninsula by week end there will be rough weather. it could be a category one hurricane before making land fall thursday. wind up to 80 miles an hour and track inland and weakens but that storm not going to affect u.s. mainland. today though, temperatures below average, mid 80's at best around philadelphia, feeling nice. tonight we will see 50's again in the northwestern suburbs, parts of the interior south jersey and tomorrow little warmer then today but right where we should this be time of the year. great day low humidity lots of sun 84. tonight open up windows if you have have done it last night do it again tonight, mid 60's for city, 60's in the suburbs. here's that extended tore cast 87 tomorrow, mostly sunny and now 90 by friday, we should hit 90 saturday humid with a shower or storm and back in the mid 80's by next week, but how sit looking at the road. >> justin losing two minutes
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of daylight, positive word by justin early in the morning. good morning everyone, happy wednesday. we are closed for that morning construction but we are now opened. this is moving in the westbound direction toward the schuylkill ape eastbound side you are now opened as well. take the vine this morning just know it was closed, for that construction that is back but today it has been since clear. looking good on the vine. new jersey 42 freeway north bound on creek road, when you push northbound toward 295 see steady flow. this is what i'd see in the 5:00 o'clock hour. it will heat up. this tends to hold steady through rest of the 5:00 o'clock hour and we will heat up more in the 6:00. in new jersey we are looking good, schuylkill looking there, this is before spring garden as we move into center city see what we are working with there. looking good both directions particularly keeping our eye on the eastbound side and looking good seeing a couple brake lights but that is not congestion that is just because. construction that is clearing pennsylvania turnpike eastbound between downingtown
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and yellow springs road, this is now since been cleared and we have talk about this yesterday as well, delaware memorial bridge southbound that left lane is block that will be blocked until 2:00 p.m. on friday. it will carry us through morning and evening rush flaw friday at least morning rush. might slow you down in the world of septa airport line train number 401 we are running a 25 minute delays, brooke, over to you. agency responsible for fighting zika says that the the mosquito spreading the virus in miami are proving more difficult to eradicate then expect. mosquito control workers are spraying in the miami neighborhood. cdc says that is where at least 15 people are infected. these are first cases of the mosquitoes spreading zika in the mainland united states. >> we're not seeing the number of mosquitoes coming town as rapidly as we would have liked, that could be because they are resistant to the insecticides being used or standing water that they are breeding in. >> mosquitoes themselves
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cannot travel very far, experts say only a few hundred yard in their lifetime. on the cbs-3 healthwatch proof more americans may be losing the battle of the bulge, according to new health statistics for centers for disease control. researchers find americans are on average 15-pound heavier then they were 20 years ago. their study found men a and women have stayed the same height over the last two decade. researchers in san diego have found young adults born in the 1990's are less sexually active then previous two generations. they studied 30,000 u.s. a adults and say perception that millennials are part of the hook up culture is not entirely accurate. oxford university researchers say a new test can determine if a respiratory infection is bacteria or viral. that is helping doctors prescribe fewer antibiotics. it looks for a protein that is a marker of bacteria low levels of the the protein mean infection is viral and no
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hey there welcome back. it was a high scoring, thrilling night at the ballpark. >> here's sports director don bell, with the highlights. >> good morning i dent necessity game two of the series between phillies and giants can be more entertaining then last night's contest, 25 hits, 21 runs between both teams, but lets
5:25 am
check out highlights in south philadelphia, phillies hosting madison baumgartner in san francisco. the they are in first place in the nl west. phillies up three to nothing in the second. miggal franco giving back people for bleacher creep tore left field, three run home run, phillies up six to nothing. now up seven-six, angel pagan, two run home run off louise gar see a giant take the lead. fightins coming back in the sixth, franco, clutch, up the middle it goes. franco's fourth hit of the game. and new to the eighth inning we will go, aaron altear, a clutch hit right there. odubel herrera is in. so is caesar hernandez. phillies regaining the lead. cameron rupp, a grown man shot, send it along, three run home run, phillies win 13-eight. amazing game at citizens bank park. that is all for sports i'm don bell, have a great day.
5:26 am
home plate humpier at last night's phillies game said he heard something he doesn't often hear in philadelphia, cheers. >> bob davidson said he heard enough of something else and he took matters in his own hand. davidson says a man sitting 15 rows back was giving him a hard time if you davidson didn't act on it until the fan started using foul lack wage. he asked to have the fanny joke and that is when he heard cheers from the phillies faithful. >> special guests are headed to city hall this morning. >> they come bearing gifts. tennis champion billy jean king and philadelphia freedoms world tennis team will be at city hall at 10:00 o'clock and presenting mayor jim kenney with the personalized freedoms jersey they play springfield laser tomorrow night at the pavilion at villanova. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we are live at long wood gardens with a look at their new exhibit opening up today, justin. brooke, we have more on the release of the monsignor quick of the pedophile priest
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coming up, why he is out of prison now and heading for a new trial, jim. then white house makes a big decision on drone deliveries we will tell you all about it. good morning, wait until you step outside. i think you'll like it. low humidity. cooler than average temperatures. we will talk about how honk that last in eyewitness weather. meisha has your traffic, lots of construction out there she will show you latest detours and delays when we come
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we are in for a beautiful day, lower humidity and sunnies still enjoying it while you can. the justin is here to tell us when we may see storms again. good morning i'm brooke thomas. i'm jim donovan. justin will be along with the forecast in just a moment but first here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> sixth amendment has triumph but you should have a jury of your peers. >> delaware supreme court has ruled that the state's death penalty law is unconstitutional. >> he was shot the in the face arm and leg. >> reporter: philadelphia police kay a card or dice game led to the shooting


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